ST Engineering iDirect provides Mx-DMA MRC technology for Axess Networks backhaul project

Axess Networks delivers in Germany.Photo: Axess Network

Axial network roll out ST Engineering iDirectThe Mx-DMA MRC technology supports Colombia’s cellular backhaul network, with plans for expanded deployments in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Chile.

ST Engineering iDirect was released in October. 4 The initial deployment took place in Colombia, where longtime customer Axess migrated its first four MNO networks to the Mx-DMA MRC. The company now plans to expand its solution with Mx-DMA MRC technology to operate enterprise and cellular backhaul networks in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Chile. This will bring the total number of return technologies and high-capacity networks over 2 Gbps to seven.

Mx-DMA MRC is a patented multiple access waveform that combines MF-TDMA and SCPC into a single return technology. Germán Pérez, director of product and business development at Axess, said the technology has helped Axess increase the scale and versatility of its network designs and enter new backhaul markets.

“Since deploying MRC, we have noticed that our cellular backhaul solution achieves high efficiency, operating in excess of 3 bits/Hz in forward and return downloads, the most powerful for organizations looking for greater bandwidth for their customers Back to link small terminals,” Perez said. “We use the benefits of acceleration for mobile solutions, or GTP, which run very strongly on MRC. The end result is an end-user experience that is comparable to terrestrial connections.”

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