St. Paul, MN Announces Technology Appointments

Last week, St. Paul, Minnesota Mayor Melvin Carter announced two appointments to the city’s Office of Technology and Communications (OTC): Jaime Wascalus as Director and Chief Information Officer and Stefanie Horvath as Deputy Director and Chief Information Security Officer.

The city’s former chief information officer, Sharon Kennedy Vickers, announced earlier this year that she had accepted a private-sector opportunity to serve as CEO of Software for Good. Before this announcement, she worked in St. Louis. Paul over four years.Kamal Baker, the city’s press secretary, told government technology In an email, her last day in the city was in April.

Following her departure, Drew Nelson served as an interim director of OTC.

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Wascalus, will start her new role on November 1st. 9. Over 20 years of technology industry experience in both public and private sectors. Most recently, she has served as Chief Information Officer of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities since 2018. She worked at SRA International (now General Dynamics) as an application developer and IT project manager prior to 10 years at the university.

Supporting Wascalus’ new role will be Horvath, a new associate director and chief information security officer, who will focus on the cybersecurity side of the city’s technology jobs. Baker said Horvath’s first day in office will be in November. 14.

According to Baker, the former deputy director and chief information security officer was Christian DeLoia, whose last day in the city was in September.

“Female CISOs are rare, so this opportunity is particularly meaningful,” Horvath said in the announcement.

Horvath has over 15 years of technical experience. Since 2018, she has served as Chief Business Technology Officer at Minnesota IT Services. She has also served as a member of the Minnesota Army National Guard since 2003 and continues to serve as Assistant Director of Operations for US Cyber ​​Command.

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