Technology in Humanitarian Settings: Digital Upskilling for Humanitarian Actors (December 2022) – World

  • In many humanitarian organizations, there is a growing gap between the sophistication of the digital technologies being adopted and the skill levels of staff required to implement them. This gap could delay the rollout of any given technology and affect its safe, sustainable and effective use.

  • All frontline humanitarian personnel should have basic digital literacy, even if they are not the intended end users of the technology being employed at the time.

  • While a growing number of humanitarian organizations are taking steps to support and improve the digital literacy of their frontline staff and partners, there are currently no industry-wide regulations and standards for digital literacy.

  • An organizational digital strategy and action plan is critical to structuring and prioritizing digital needs within the organization and its organizational partners. Action planning requires strong involvement of front-line staff to ensure actions comply with needs and constraints.

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