The nostalgic appeal of old tech

Just yesterday, I was reminded of a Nokia phone I had when I was in college. It’s from a line of phones called “xpress music”, which is objectively inferior to what I currently own in every way. However, when I browsed the internet and looked at photos of that old Nokia phone, I had an incredible urge to use it, touch it, and feel the click of the keys as I entered information. Why does this happen? Why do we have a trend, especially when it comes to technology, of reviewing sub-par incredible favorite products?

I’ve written about nostalgia in the past and how our “experienced selves” and “remembered selves” have very different views of reality. So if my experience in college was constant wrist pain due to uncomfortable button presses while sending text messages, my memorized self recollection of old Nokia phones is how good it felt to have physical buttons on the phone, How simple those times were.

One of the reasons why this happens is Fading affects bias, This is psychology – how emotional memories associated with negative events fade more easily than those associated with positive events or outcomes. Let’s say you went to Italy with your family for a nice two-week vacation as a kid, and while you were there, you fell and seriously injured yourself, and you had two miserable days on vacation. Those two days will be painful for the experience itself. But for myself looking back on my vacation decades later, the memories of the trip to Italy are blissful. While you may remember the days you spent in pain, the actual memory of the pain itself has faded away, leaving only memories of the good times you spent there with your family.

Coming back to technology, another reason I think we are so reliant on older technologies is that they are somehow inextricably linked to our fond memories of their era.Definition nostalgic It’s a general yearning for the past, and when we think of the “past,” we naturally also have a yearning for technology.

We’re not all equally susceptible to this tech-related nostalgia. Most likely people who are older, and who may not be able to keep up with newer phones, are most eager to make a call for a while just by putting the receiver in our ear and making a call. number.

I sometimes find myself craving an old-fashioned typewriter, even though I’ve never used it, and I know it’s a lot more cumbersome than using a computer.This is called the nostalgic variant anemia, one of whom yearns for times that they themselves have never experienced. Given that much of nostalgia is about the stories we tell ourselves about the past, it’s not surprising that we can feel a yearning for an era by listening to what people in that era had to say.

The next time someone gushes about how much they love their old phone, you’ll probably know what they say to be careful.

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