Thieves raid popular Marietta Square business on one of busiest days of the year

Police in Marietta need help finding the man who broke into the pie shop and stole the cash register and safe.

Lauren Bolden owns Pie Bar with her husband. She said the break-in happened on one of the biggest sales days of the year.

“December 23rd is our big push day. So we had hundreds of people come and get their pie today,” Bolden said.

While her team should be preparing to send out hundreds of pies in the days leading up to Christmas, they are trying to find out who forced their way into their Marietta branch early Friday morning.

“We went into the store and saw our cash register and safe were taken. Luckily no one took the pie, so we got lucky,”

Bolden believed the thieves were no amateurs. She believes they are just one of several businesses in the targeted area.

“People who broke in. They knew what they were doing and they came prepared. They came in at our front door with a glass breaking device,” she said. “They broke through here and went underground. They wore gloves. They knew they knew what was going on,”

This is one of the busiest times for the company.

“The pie business in January was terrible for us. Bills were paid for January and February from October to December,” she said.

Marietta Square business owners looked out for each other as police worked to identify those responsible, Bolden said.

“We’re really excited to be a part of Marietta Square, and I know it sounds crazy to see that we just broke in, but that’s really what we’re here for, because the community here is united and really strong,” she said. Say.

Several businesses have vowed to share revenue with pie bars.

Anyone with information about the burglary is asked to call the Marietta Police Department.

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