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Toronto–(Business Wire)– Corp. (NEO Exchange Canada: COIN) (Frankfurt: 76M) (OTCQB US: SMURF) (“” or the “Company”), a public company investing in web3 assets and Building crypto-asset-related businesses Metaverse and Play Money Games is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Metaverse Group, has acquired CocoNFT (“Coco”), an NFT platform for non-crypto-native creators. As part of the acquisition, Coco’s co-founders will join the Metaverse Group team as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer, bringing experience from tech industry leaders Hootsuite and Zapier.

Coco’s acquisition includes a software platform that allows users to easily mint NFTs from their Instagram using blockchain and web3 wallets. This tool has many applications for both creators and brands.

Metaverse Group will work to advance and integrate Coco’s technology offerings with its virtual world B2B offerings. In addition, Metaverse Group will leverage Coco’s strategic partnerships with companies such as Opensea and Rarible, as well as Coco’s online community of over 45,000 followers on TikTok and Twitter.

As part of the acquisition, Coco’s co-founders will join the Metaverse Group, with Mark Allen as Chief Technology Officer and Brody Berson as Chief Product Officer. They have deep technical backgrounds, leading and working on development teams at companies like Hootsuite and Zapier. They will focus on building more tools and products for NFT and virtual world applications.

“We are delighted to welcome the CocoNFT team to Metaverse Group. We believe CocoNFT’s proprietary technology is at the forefront of developing and scaling web3 and NFT use cases,” said Andrew Kiguel, CEO of and Executive Chairman of Metaverse Group. “Additionally, Coco NFT’s new platform and tools will further enhance Metaverse Group’s ability to provide brands and businesses with more creative and impactful ways to connect with their audiences.”

Through this acquisition, Metaverse will be able to provide deeper and higher-quality technology solutions to its customer base. Metaverse Group will use the platform to interact with creators and brands, and ultimately develop one-to-one marketing strategies. The acquisition will allow Metaverse to bring its proprietary NFT and virtual world products to market. These products will provide the tools to help accelerate the industry’s development.

“This allows us to continue building applications for new web3 users,” said Mark Allen, Metaverse Group CTO and CocoNFT co-founder. “As part of the Metaverse Group, we can reach out to more brands and influencers, giving them the tools they need to engage with customers and fans. I am excited to lead the technology team and develop new product.”

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About Corp is a public technology company investing in web3 assets and building web3 businesses. The company focuses on three operating segments: i) Crypto Staking, ii) Metaverse and iii) Play and Earn Crypto Games. owns digital assets and operates businesses in each of these three segments.

Staking operations take place within The Metaverse Real Estate and ecomm3 Solutions businesses take place within a subsidiary called the Metaverse Group. The crypto gaming business takes place within a subsidiary called Hulk Labs. All three businesses are linked through the use of blockchain technology and are linked to high growth macro trends in web3. By sharing resources and infrastructure among these business units, is able to efficiently incubate these businesses from inception to revenue generation.

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About Metaverse Group

Metaverse Group is a web3 technology company with products and services that bring businesses to life in web3 environments, including metaverses, NFTs and the next generation ecomm3 for retail. We combine web3 technology solutions with web3 marketing agency and virtual real estate development services so our clients can own ecomm3, reach new audiences and be first movers.

Our portfolio of over 750 virtual lands and relationships with diverse hyperverses and industry players allows us to deliver category leading solutions that have been recognized by CNBC, Forbes, The Economist and The Wall Street Journal. is a listed company and the majority shareholder of Metaverse Group.

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About CocoNFT

CocoNFT is a technology company with a web3 product portfolio. Its NFT Generator removes friction from NFT minting and ownership, enabling users with no web3 knowledge to turn their social posts into NFTs and list them for sale within 3 minutes. Creators get a new way to connect with fans. Its B2B products help users understand and better connect with customers through NFT and metaverse data and analytics.

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