Twitter invites businesses to sign up for ‘organization verification’

Twitter now invites businesses to sign up for its upcoming ‘organization verification‘ subscription service, which will effectively replace Twitter’s current verification process for business users.

According to the tweet above, you can now Sign up for the waitlist For new business verification services, add your business’s Twitter handle and contact details to the list.

So what do you get if/when you are approved for the program?

Twitter hasn’t provided much information beyond this description:

“As a subscriber, you and your business will receive a business account and affiliate badge through our self-service admin portal.

so you get new Gold check mark For your brand, the current blue tick setting will eventually be removed from legacy verified accounts. Twitter didn’t provide a date for when that would happen, but basically, if you want to keep your business verified, you’ll eventually have to sign up for the new program – which will also see your brand logo added to employees with your approval account.

Organizational Twitter Verification

How much will it cost? have no idea.

Twitter didn’t post that either — so you’re effectively signing up for premium access to the gold checkmark, not the blue checkmark, square profile picture, and membership badge. For some described charges.

You can also assume that Twitter will look to charge more than the $8 per month it currently offers for its personal Twitter Blue verification package – but again, we don’t have anything definitive to do at this stage.

does it worth?

well, no full details organization verification Wrap, hard to say, but based on the information we have, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the price to maintain your official identity on a platform that slowly degrades over time, while also allowing for many extremists and previously banned conspiracies Commentators reappear on the app, which can be detrimental to brand placement.

But some brands will pay. How many we can’t say for sure, but some people have signed up for the waitlist, and businesses of all kinds are willing to pay for the level of awareness that subscribing to Twitter 2.0 brings.

But when everyone can pay for a checkmark, there’s no real authority there, right? Just like, once Twitter started making users pay for blue checkmarks, it immediately lost the value of what they charged, and so do brands. “Verified” doesn’t really mean anything if Twitter doesn’t vet the app thoroughly (as it doesn’t do for Twitter Blue signups).

If that’s the case, then any business, even the most dubious operator imaginable, will soon be able to buy gold and present itself as legitimate.

This again seems to undercut the value proposition of the product – but maybe there’s more, with enhanced analytics, content curation, maybe Twitter has a broader package it’s working on for this project, it just doesn’t reveal all if return

Perhaps that’s why Twitter cut off third-party apps and tools, as part of a broader push to keep information in-house and add similar functionality to its own products.

We don’t know, but if you’re really interested, you can sign up for the program right now.

Twitter says it will Applications are reviewed and are “opening to a limited group on a rolling basis over the coming weeks.”

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