UMC welcomes new ‘game-changing’ technology

El Paso, Texas — The University Medical Center in El Paso has a new portable MRI device. It’s delivered to the patient’s room, so they no longer have to travel to the radiology department. UMC will primarily use the device for traumatic brain injury patients.

The FDA approved the new technology in March 2021. The head of UMC imaging told us that loved ones can stay with the patient during the scan. For a normal MRI, the patient is left undisturbed.

UMC allowed the ABC-7 crew to try out the device. ABC-7’s Michael Courier underwent a brain MRI. It only took 5 minutes and the result came out immediately.

Scans showed Michael’s brain tissue, parts of his skull and eyeballs. The team showed us his results, which are partial because part of the machine was opened so that our cameras could see inside.

The facility is the first in El Paso and the third in Texas, UMC officials said. They hope to eventually extend its use to general ICU units.

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