Usher is the Tech Company of the Year winner at the 13th Asia CEO Awards

Arthur Technologies has been named the Circle of Excellence award as the recipient of the Technology Company of the Year award at the recently concluded 2022 Asia CEO Awards.

The company said in a press release that the Tech Company of the Year award goes to an organization focused on information and communications technology and how it enables, transforms and enhances the lives of the communities it serves.

Usher Technologies Inc. was honored with the banner of the Tech Company of the Year award at the recent 2022 Asia CEO Awards.

The award follows the 2021 Gregorio Zara Award for Best Technology Commercialization by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). It has also won various awards.

The Asia CEO Technology Company of the Year award highlights the company’s efforts to improve the Philippines’ preparedness in a disaster — bringing hope to reduce economic damage and, most importantly, save lives.

This is a testament to Usher’s (Universal Structural Health Assessment and Recording System) advocacy in disaster risk reduction management as it strengthens and strengthens its mission to help communities reduce disaster risk through the use of the system and a training and education framework, according to the press release. Structural health monitoring.

Arthur Technologies is a commercialization project of Mapua University’s high-impact R&D program supported by the DOST-Philippines Industrial Energy and Emerging Technology R&D Council.

It is led by Chief Vision Officer Dr. Francis Aldrine A. Uy, who is also the Dean of the School of Civil Engineering at Mapua University, as well as an all-Philippine team from various engineering disciplines in Mapua and experienced professionals from technology, business, law and finance professional.

Usher’s goal is to create a safer world by becoming a leading innovator of multi-hazard disaster risk reduction platforms and solutions.

It is a 24/7 building structural health monitoring system consisting of an advanced accelerometer, a web portal system and a mobile application.

It is a key solution for disaster risk reduction, especially in cities, to reduce economic and human losses. It is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The technology can be installed in buildings, bridges and other critical structures. It can help engineers, building owners and administrators monitor the integrity and performance of structures during earthquakes and other events, Usher said.

Usher has been working with the Department of Public Works and Highways to monitor the structure of public infrastructure, as well as working with the private sector.

It is economical, convenient, and fully compliant with government regulations. It is an important part of building a smart city.

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