WATCH: Biden touts California’s semiconductor tech policy in tight midterm race

Carlsbad, California. (AP) — President Joe Biden said Friday that his crowning legislative achievement was due in part to the work of a Southern California congressman who is struggling in a tight re-election campaign after the president toured a communications company, The company is expected to benefit from his push to support U.S. semiconductor manufacturing.

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Biden joined the House of Representatives. During his visit to Viasat, Mike Levin highlighted his CHIPS and Science Act, his $280 billion legislative plan, and his administration’s work for America’s veterans. The bill is one of the Biden administration’s most significant legislative achievements, and his work for veterans is deeply personal after his son Beau died of brain cancer after returning from a trip to Iraq.

“Mike is an advocate for his constituents, especially the veterans who live here,” Biden said, noting in his remarks that he passed the signature bill “with Mike’s help.”

Levine, a two-term congressman representing the San Diego area that was once a GOP stronghold, is in a close race with former San Juan Capistrano Mayor Brian Mayotte. Biden held a rally for Levine Thursday night in Oceanside, California.

The stop in California and upcoming events in Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York are part of Biden’s latest effort to shore up a shaky base once credibly predicted to support Democrats, to soften the impact expected Tuesday. Loss of congressional seats and national gubernatorial races ahead of the midterm elections.

Supply disruptions and a dearth of domestic chip manufacturing in the era of the coronavirus pandemic have hampered the growth of Viasat, which relies on such components to serve industrial customers and the U.S. military. The company also places special emphasis on recruiting returning veterans. Biden on Friday talked about how the CHIPS Act would help Viasat and other companies reduce their reliance on overseas chipmakers.

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“It’s a game changer,” he said, of the ability to easily access chips in the United States. “Thanks to this law, this company hopes to significantly grow its global business and hire more workers over the next five years.”

Later Friday, Biden will travel to Chicago for a political reception. There are signs in the Democratic stronghold that some House members representing suburban Chicago could face a more competitive re-election bid than expected.

On Saturday morning, he will speak on Social Security and Medicare in Joliet, near Illinois, before heading to Philadelphia to run with former President Barack Obama for Senate candidate John Fettman.

From there, Biden will travel to Westchester County, north of New York City, to run for governor. Kathy Hochul, in a tight race against Republican Lee Zeldin.

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a super political action committee, or super PAC, aligned with Republican House leadership, this week announced a $1.8 million ad buy for Democrats. Sean Casten represents an Illinois district that Biden wins by about 11 percentage points in 2020. California’s Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, will run in the district on Friday with Republican challenger Keith Pecau.

Long reports from Washington.

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