West Pasco Business Association aims to bring community together

The Trinity community is tight-knit and full of people who want to give back.

The West Pasco Business Association is a local nonprofit organization that helps businesses connect with their communities.

“What we do as an organization is support different businesses in our community, they work with us, we help them, you Know, grow and prosper and prosper. And then they can go out into the community and do the same for other people. So that’s really important to us as an organization.”

“West Pasco Business Association, a few years ago, started out as a networking group, like many other networking groups. Then when we started doing some of these activities and giving back to the communities that support all of our businesses here, our members It started to increase, and people wanted to join us because of what we did. And because we’re not like any other networking group, we’re 501c3,” explained board member DeLynn Gaston to WPBA.

For this organization, this community is home, and it’s important to see it succeed.

“I grew up in West Pasco, the area we’re in now doesn’t exist. It’s all farmland. It’s a cattle ranch; 54 is a single lane. Now it’s a parking lot. It’s grown so big years. So it’s been fantastic. And all the new construction in the area continues. I mean, the whole area is booming right now,” said Barry Horvat, executive president of the West Pasco Business Association.

Every year they hold two big events to raise money for people in the community.

Bowling for Boobs and How the Grinch Saved Christmas helps those who are going through cancer or can’t afford Christmas. Money stays in the community.

“I think what Trinity means is we’ve got three divisions rolled into one. Yeah, the word is unity here. This town. People are like, oh, what’s Trinity? What’s Trinity? Well, now they’re all Want to get into Trinity,” Horvath explained.

If you’d like to get involved, click here for more information.

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