Why It’s Important Review of Parenting Through Technology

Own a franchise such as child’s play and annabelle, the idea of ​​a killer doll was nothing revolutionary in filmmaking. despite this, M3 Gan With a fresh interpretation of the concept, all expectations have been successfully broken. The dancing, lullaby-reciting, bloodthirsty AI robot on TikTok won over audiences and grossed four times its budget on its opening weekend. Hollywood success and acclaim on every social media platform, M3GAN is becoming a cult classic. However, it also manages to convey important messages about technology and its impact on children’s relationships with their parents.Lord why M3GAN is a critical review of parenting through technology.


trauma reaction

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M3GAN Dealing with the aftermath of losing a parent, especially traumatic responses to impressionable children. Cardi’s life changes in the blink of an eye when she loses her parents and is sent to live with her distant relative Gemma. Gemma is put in the unimaginable situation; Gemma is a career-oriented independent woman who has no plans to become a parent in the near future. Still, both characters have to deal with the loss of a close family member and their day-to-day ways, and it doesn’t deal with it for most of the movie. Cardi goes from a timid little girl to a defiant and violent individual, while Gemma finds herself spiritually parented, her job expectations and the realization that her most ambitious creation, M3GAN, is also her deadliest overwhelmed. M3GAN Reflects failed attempts by parents to deflect trauma rather than address it directly.


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While M3GAN is clearly out of bounds, the same applies to every character in the movie. Gemma found it difficult to separate from her professional endeavors to properly care for Cady, and Cady became dependent on M3GAN for her every emotional need. Gemma’s employer, David, shames his employees without reservation, ignoring the line between supervisor and work team. Brandon had no set boundaries, and his mother allowed him to run free to express his aggression instead of following social norms, especially respecting people’s personal space and bodies. Gemma has few constraints on Cady, which allows her to utilize the technology without restriction and ultimately rely on M3GAN to parent Cady in her stead.

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The Importance of Early Social Interactions

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Cardi is a byproduct of overprotection. To protect Cardi from uncomfortable social interactions, her mother resorted to homeschooling Cardi for an unspecified period of time before Cardi’s untimely death. This resulted in Cady feeling helpless and insecure with other children her age and refusing to integrate into the school environment when the time came. Although Cady was able to talk to people like any other child her age, her mother’s protective nature inhibited the confidence necessary to do so. Brandon represented the opposite extreme of overprotection: Pushed into social situations without any sense of discipline, Brandon responded positively to his peers, knowing that his actions were unlikely to have consequences. Both Cardi and Brandon reflect on the effects children experience when they are deprived of important social interactions from an early age.

Human and Artificial Relationships

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one M3GANs The most important message is the nature of connection, whether it is between people or between people and AI M3GAN and Cady are originally to meet each other’s inner needs; M3GAN serves as Cady’s emotional support system, and Cady allows M3GAN to optimize her Main goal: to protect Cady from any harm. The message quickly becomes muddled as Cadi alienates anyone who tries to contact her; for M3GAN, this effect is multiplied tenfold; her entire existence revolves around protecting Cadi from anything, even if Means to kill any perceived threat. Gemma herself fell victim to the glorification of modern AI, spending most of her time in isolation at Funki or perfecting her designs in her home lab. Gemma only clings to the AI ​​connection before having to assume the role of Cady’s parent. This is an age where people are constantly torn between in-person relationships and those maintained through social media, dating apps, or primarily via text messages.

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M3GAN Address a subjective issue head-on: parenting. There is no right or wrong parenting style, but some are clearly more constructive for a child’s development. Cardi represents all forms of child neglect. While her parents raised her emotionally, they overlooked that Cady lacked necessary social interactions such as in class, playing with classmates, and simply having friends her own age. For Gemma, parenting is a concept defined on a whim, from an initial insensitivity to Cady’s loss, to a reliance on M3gan to attend to Cady’s every need and guidance, and finally, a complete loss of control over Cady’s behavior. M3GAN itself is the result of unattended creation. In rushing through the design of M3GAN, Gemma forgot to create proper parameters for M3GAN, especially the distinction between proper behavior and bias. These three characters reflect the countless families who boil down their relationships to eating and texting, those who spend most of their day on smart devices instead of talking to each other, and those who are consumed by drifting technology in general. Parents and their children are left to their own development. M3GANIn its camp, nods to viral trends and chilling moments, it’s a cautionary tale for anyone who feels disconnected from family due to modern technology.

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