Woman-owned barbecue business opens in Lockhart

exist: Sahar Chmais – Staff Writer, Austin Business Journal



LOCKHART, Texas (Austin Business Journal) — Barbecue is a male-dominated industry, as we all know — but 24-year-old Chuck Charnichart is changing the industry, bringing her female-run restaurants to the fore. To the barbecue capital of Texas.

Charnichart, along with Alexis Tovias, Haley Conlin and investor Joanne Irizarry, will open Barbs BQ LLC in Lockhart in late February to early March. The 1,350-square-foot restaurant is located at 102 East Market Street. And rent it out for many years. Charnichart expects the site to outgrow its capacity of about 50 people by the end of the lease.

The journey here has been tumultuous, Charnichart said, as women endured racism, sexism and harassment. She didn’t let the industry’s negativity deter her—instead, Charnichart planned to pave the way for a more accepting work environment.

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