Smart use of technology can help [letter] | Letter to the Editor

I believe there are many ways we can use technology more effectively in our daily lives.

Technology certainly has many advantages and disadvantages. If technology is used wisely for good purposes, it can be one of our greatest modern resources.

Technology has many benefits that can make our lives easier, including connecting with others and sharing ideas.

Technology is also very useful for learning. Many schools have students use laptops for daily assignments; laptops allow students to access a fixed amount of information quickly and easily.

On the other hand, technology also has disadvantages, such as the sometimes unethical use of social media. Bullying often happens online, and life can be extremely difficult for teens who experience it.

However, the disadvantages are not related to the technology itself, but are tied to the people who use it. Responsibility and respect are important concepts when using technology.

Technology can be an invaluable asset in our lives if we use it wisely. Finding the balance between being in the technology world and being there is very important. It’s easy to become obsessed with the use of technology, but as long as we regularly detach ourselves and use it for good, it can be a very useful tool!

jordan may

Ninth grade

Solanco High School

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