While AI is fascinating, it also raises questions

“I’ve been driving on this dusty road with the wind in my hair and my heart full of hope and I’m playing music and shutting the windows and feeling free and wild like a country hound.”

There are plenty of people who come to Nashville to chase their dreams of writing the next great country song. Spend an evening listening to a writer’s tour at the Bluebird Café and you’ll see the incredible level of talent that Music City has to offer.

Artificial intelligence is becoming readily available.

But somehow, as a Nashville native, I missed the creative boat. As a software developer, I’m not bad at logical thinking. But when it comes to imagination, things like songwriting have always been out of my reach.

until last weekend.

I started.

With lyrics like “drinking sweet tea and dreaming of small town love” and “I’ll keep driving the truck down this dusty old road, chasing my dreams and my cowboy code”, I started thinking maybe I Chose the wrong career.

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